Lt. Governor Husted announced that 302 Ohio companies have been approved for TechCred funding, which will help them upskill their current and incoming workforce.

The next TechCred application period opened August 4th and will run through August 31st, allowing for another opportunity for current and incoming employees to earn tech-focused skills.

As a resource to employers, Lt. Governor Husted also announced that the list of eligible TechCred credentials now includes examples of education and training providers that offer each certificate or certification.

The examples listed under each credential are based on training provider submissions and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of providers offering each credential within the state or online. Employers are welcome to work with a training provider that is not listed.

Employers can apply or learn more about the program at

Small Business Fund

Small Business Fund

General Overview:

  • To extend a helping hand to small businesses suffering from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – in partnership with Vistaprint and a coalition of supporting companies, foundations, and philanthropic donors – is working to provide financial relief through the Save Small Business Fund.
  • The Save Small Business Fund is a grantmaking initiative to offer $5,000 grants that provide short-term relief for employers across the United States and its territories.
  • A recent poll conducted by the Chamber and MetLife found that more than half of small businesses (54%) have closed at least temporarily or will close in the next two weeks. One in four (24%) are two months or less away from permanently closing. They need resources and relief — and they need it now.
  • That’s why the Save Small Business Fund is providing $5,000 grants to help as many businesses as possible meet their most pressing needs -- from rent, making payroll, or for overall business operations.

Eligibility and Timeline:

Ohio Find it Here

Supporting Local Ohio Businesses supports our state’s tourism industry to drive economic prosperity throughout Ohio. We feel that this website would offer a place for many of our Investors to advertise their business and/or events. The website is not only used by tourists, but also by locals and is open to big and small businesses, restaurants, artists, retailers, events and more. The best thing about this website is that it is FREE! We encourage you to take some time to see if you think your business would benefit from this free online advertising opportunity.

If your business is selected to be published on the website, please let us know so that we can share that information with our other Investors.

census 2020

Statement on Modifying 2020 Census Operations

It is important that all residents respond to the Census to assure that Ohio will have the number of Representatives in the US Congress based upon all residents and that Wood County receives their equitable share of the $624 BILLION awarded annually by the Federal Government.  During fiscal year 2018, Wood County received $12,323,587 in Federal and State funding.

The census can be completed either by mail, phone or, for the first time, at a secure on line website.  Choose which method you prefer to answer the 7 questions when you receive the Census Bureau invitation in mid March.  Census results are for statistical purposes only and by law are kept strictly confidential. Other than the Census Bureau, Government entities and law enforcement agencies do not have access to the data. Log on to the Census Bureau website at  for more information.

The Seven 2020 Census Questions:

  1. How many people are living or staying at your home on April 1, 2020.
  2. Whether the home is owned or rented.
  3. About the sex of each person in your home.
  4. About the age of each person in your home.
  5. About the race of each person in your home.
  6. About whether a person in your home is of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin.
  7. About the relationship of each person in your home.

Questions the Census will NEVER ask:

  1. Your Social Security number.
  2. Money or donations.
  3. Anything on behalf of a political party.
  4. Your bank or credit card account numbers.


Personal information is kept CONFIDENTIAL. The Census Bureau is bound by federal law to protect your information, and your data is used only for statistical purposes.

72 years following a decennial census, individual data is made publicly available.

False Rumors:

Contact if you receive questionable information on the 2020 Census.