Leadership BG Program

Leadership BG is a one-day per month commitment for 9 months that highlights a broad range of issues vital to the community. The program beings in September and runs through May each year. Through contact with a variety of experts in the fields of Economic Development, Local Government, Health Care, Judicial System, Manufacturing, Social Services, Education, and Leadership Development, participants will expand their leadership skills, knowledge, and influence on their community.

These components also increase communication dialogue between the public and private sector; builds consensus among participants, and fosters personal and professional relationships through the exchange of viewpoints and experiences. Each class is given the challenge of completing a required class community service project of its choice, enabling the group to work together toward a common goal while administering their leadership style and exploring possibilities of effective change.

Leadership BG Application

Class of 2018

Judy Allen - City of Bowling Green
Jocelyn Austin - CPA
Erik Blake - Northwestern Water & Sewer District
Mike Carrick - Lubrizol
Jordan Crawford - Crawford's Lawn & Landscape
Sheila Eason - The Employers' Association
Kali Hammer - Wood Lane Residential Services
Matt Hammer - Deck-Hanneman Funeral Home
Liz Householder - Northwestern Water & Sewer District
Shane Huntley - Poggemeyer Design Group
Brett Kime - Thayer Chevrolet
Lauren Kostelnik - Campus Quarters
Craig LaHote - Wood County Commissioner
Jessica McClure - Montessori School of Bowling Green
Amanda McDowell - State Bank
Nikki Miller - Kaiser Family Dentistry
Marissa Muniz - Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce
Dana Nemeth - Bowling Green State University Pop Culture Library
Paul Valdez - Bowling Green State University
Luke Ward - Bowling Green Fire Division
Brooke Weddington - First Federal Bank
Justin White - Bowling Green Police Division
Kathy Wilhelm - Hagemeyer Fine Photography
Aaron Williams - Lubrizol

Leadership BG Alumni Association

This association is available to all graduates of Leadership BG and continues to give members opportunities in networking and community awareness at LBGAA and Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce events. The organization will host two to three social events a year that will allow you to make donations to help support the Leadership BG Alumni Association, subsequently supporting non-profit organizations in our community. The Annual Holiday Happy Hour, Annual Golf Ball Drop, and a Social Mixer After Hours (with special events) at a local establishment giving graduated classmates from Leadership BG a chance to catch up. The association is over 500 members and growing!


The Leadership BG Alumni Association exists to:

  • Support, facilitate, and sustain Leadership BG
  • Provide a forum for continued education, networking, and coalition building
  • Respond to community needs
  • Provide a pool of informed leaders for service to the community

2016-2017 Project Team:

David Anderson - Wood Lane Residential Services
Mary Boone - Wood County District Public Library
Bob Dorn - Northwest Ohio SCORE
Kathy East - Retired, Wood County District Public Library
Jessica Hover - Montessori School of Bowling Green
Besty Johnson - Bowling Green State University
Matt Karaffa - First Insurance Group
Sandy Kerr - Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce
Carole Matthews - Retired, Wood County Hospital
Cory Panning - The Employers' Association
Kim Ward - First Federal Bank

Interested in joining the Project Team or just helping out with any or all of the events? Contact any of the Project Team Members or the Chamber Office.

High School Leadership Program

High School Leadership is an eight-month youth leadership-training program with the mission of introducing high school aged youth to their community while fostering leadership abilities. While today's primary focus remains on tomorrow's leaders, this program consists of fewer lectures and is more interactive - using approaches much like those employed in today's classroom. The program includes students from Bowling Green High School, who must go through an application process, and be recommended by school faculty and administrators. The Chamber would like to thank our High School Leadership sponsor: Leadership BG Alumni Association and The Exchange Club of Bowling Green.