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City of Bowling Green Updates
  • Manville Ave. Closure
    Manville Ave., between Clough St. and Scott Hamilton, will be closed to through traffic in both directions September 26 – October 6 due to the installation of new gas services. This schedule is subject to weather and progress of work. Manville Ave. will be open on evenings and weekends while this project progresses.
  • Bowling Green Utilities Outage Reporting
    While the City works every day to minimize utility interruptions, inevitably outages do occur. To improve the way Bowling Green customer’s report an electric, water, or sewer outage, the city has partnered with Cooperative Response Center, Inc (CRC).
    CRC will begin to take Bowling Green customer outage calls on September 19 at noon for outages related to electric, water, or sewer. Bowling Green customers will call one number (888-807-2583) to report an electric, water, or sewer outage 24 hours a day.
    CRC is a nationwide 24/7 call center that assists over 400 public power utilities, like Bowling Green. With four call centers in the United States, and years of experience, CRC is capable of handling large call volumes in an efficient manner as well as dispatching City utility crews to restore service to the customer.
    Previously, customers would call a different number based on the type of outage or the time of day. Having one number for customers to call 24 hours a day will simplify the outage reporting process. Also, utilizing CRC will keep other City staff focused on their primary responsibilities for Bowling Green residents. Again, customers should call (888-807-2583) for any utility outages related to electric, water, or sewer beginning September 19 at noon.
    Customers can improve the outage response time by keeping their contact information up to date with the Utilities Business Office. If a customer calls CRC from a phone number that is associated with the utility account, CRC will automatically know the account information, such as service address where the outage is likely occurring. This capability can shorten the response time for CRC as well as the utility crew that responds to the outage.
  • W. Wooster/Haskins Rd. Project Update (9/8)
    The installation of the water and sewer mains along West Wooster St. and Haskins Rd. have been completed. Beginning September 12, the contractor, responsible for paving the final driving surface, will begin milling the top 3” of roadway and will replace it with new asphalt from curb to curb along West Wooster St., between Church St. and Haskins Rd., and Haskins Rd., between W. Wooster and Parker St. The intersections at Poe Rd. and Wallace Ave. will be completed during this timeframe as well. Intermittent lane closures should be expected as this work progresses. It’s expected that this project will be completed by the end of the month. Completion date is dependent on weather and progress of work.
    Follow along with this and other Capital Improvement Projects on the City’s Capital Improvement Map, which can be found on the City’s website:
  • Road Widening of E. Wooster Street Delays
    Beginning August 21, westbound traffic will be restricted on E. Wooster St., between Dunbridge Rd. and Carter Rd., due to a road widening project that will create a turn lane into the new FedEx entrance. Eastbound through traffic on E. Wooster will be permitted during this project. Westbound traffic on E. Wooster will be detoured at the Carter Rd. intersection.
    This project/lane closure is expected to last a minimum of 30 days. This schedule is subject to weather and progress of work.
  • Demolition of Old City Building Project Update (7/26)
    The new City Building located at 305 N. Main Street officially opened to the public on Tuesday, July 18th. The next phase of the City Building project involves the demolition of the old building (304 N. Church St.) and construction of the shared parking lot with the Wood County District Public Library. Impacts to parking and site access will occur as this phase of the project progresses.
    Beginning July 31, City staff must park exclusively in Public Parking Lot 4. As a result, “City Staff Only” signs will be placed in additional parking spaces within Lot 4. During business hours the public will not be permitted to park in the “City Staff Only” spaces. The Police Division will be enforcing these temporary parking restrictions. Those visiting the City Building should park in the public parking area located to the north of the new City Building. Dedicated handicapped parking is available in this parking area as well.
    Beginning August 7, parking restrictions will extend further into the library’s main parking lot. Use of the library lot will be restricted to the southern portion only, with access from Court St. Library patrons may also use the Carter House Parking Lot
    From August 7 through August 11th, access to the new City Building will be limited to one-way traffic from Main St. to Church St. This is required due to the demolition of 304 N. Church Street. The demolition should be completed by August 14th. At that point, traffic will be allowed to turn right or left into the parking area from Main Street. Vehicles must exit onto Church St. Traffic will have full access from Church St., meaning, both left and right turns will be allowed to and from Church Street.
    Throughout the demolition, pedestrians will have access to the City Building utilizing the sidewalk along the western side of the library. Both entrances to the library will remain open during the demolition.
    Construction of the shared parking area is scheduled to begin on/around September 11th. Included in this phase of work is the excavation of the area needed for the 74,000-gallon stormwater detention basin (located essentially where 304 N. Church Street is located) and the northern portion of the shared parking area. Again, library patrons will only be able to utilize the southern portion of the existing library main lot (with access from Court Street) and the Carter House Lot.
    Beginning October 16, the parking lot construction area will expand to encompass the southern portion of the library parking area. Library patrons should park in the Carter House Parking Lot until the project is complete. The project completion date is currently estimated to be October 31. This timeline is subject to progress of work.
  • Water Service Line Mapping Continues
    The Water and Sewer Division has begun the process of identifying and mapping water service line materials throughout the city. Residents must schedule a time with City staff or designated subcontractor (GIS Landmark) staff to provide access to their property to inspect their service line materials. These inspections will occur in phases across the city, and residents will be notified by door hangers when it is appropriate to schedule their inspection.
    What this means:
    • Bowling Green City water is safe.
    • The City is required by the Ohio and US EPA to identify and map service materials within its distribution system.
    • City employees and GIS Landmark staff, hired by the City of Bowling Green, will be performing these scheduled inspections and can provide identification.
    • This scheduled inspection will only take a few minutes of your time.
    • Per Policy #3002 City of Bowling Green Policy Matters Governing Water Systems Operations – 6a: Any identified employee or representative of the City Water Division shall at all reasonable hours, have access to the property for the purpose of examining pipes, meters, connections, and other appurtenances involving the City’s water supply and for examining, replacing, repairing or removing any meter, piping, instrument or connection that is part of the City’s water system.
    Residents are reminded that City staff, and contractors, will be wearing uniforms, driving marked vehicles, and carrying proper identification. Questions about this project or inspector identification verification can be directed to 419-354-6277 or 419-354-6236. Safety concerns should be reported to the Bowling Green Police Division by calling 419-352-1131.
  • Farmer's Market Road Closures
    In conjunction with the Farmers’ Market scheduled every Wednesday from May 10 to October 18, a portion of Clough Street will be closed to traffic and parking restrictions will occur. Each week at 3:30 p.m., Clough Street, between Main Street and Prospect, will be closed to traffic. Additionally, parking within this section of Clough will be prohibited and access to City Parking Lot 2 will be restricted. All other entrances/exits to and from Lot 2 will remain open. Clough Street will open and parking will be reinstated at 7:00 p.m. each week.
  • Water Hydrant Flushing and Testing Program
  • Callery Pear Trees Added to List of Banned Invasive Plants in Ohio
  • Carter Park Disc Golf Improvements
  • 2023 Residential Paving Projects
  • Ongoing Capital Projects
  • The City of Bowling Green Official Website