ProMedica Medical Management

The Chamber endorses ProMedica Medical Management, formerly known as  Health Management Solutions). Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) provide important Bureau of Workers' Compensation services! MCOs help employers file and manage claims, ensure injured workers receive the quality medical care they need, and coordinate a quick and safe return to work. MCOs are an employer’s first point of contact for claims, and first line of defense to control claim outcomes and premium costs.

Northwest Ohio Benefit Alliance

The Northwest Ohio Benefit Alliance has contracted with several business to provide a variety of medical benefit programs, including the new MEWA Insurance Solutions for Small Businesses, at preferred pool rates for Alliance members.

Through NWOBA, Chamber Investors also have access to special rates with Paramount Insurance.


Sedgwick is the preferred workers' compensation Managed Care Organization (MCO) of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce. If you are responsible for your workers' compensation program, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of the roles of a MCO and a Workers' Compensation Third Party Administration (TPA). MCOs and TPAs play unique roles in helping employers control workers' compensation programs.

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Since 1950, Sedgwick has provided quality workers' compensation claims management services and premium savings programs to state fund employers. CareWorks Comp strives to provide best-in-class claims management services to our clients. As a customer, you can expect:

A Partner in Controlling Costs

Sedgwick saves their customers millions of dollars each year. They become a lasting partner, providing a comprehensive cost management approach.

Ohio-Focused Solutions

Due to Ohio's unique workers' compensation system, Sedgwick specializes in providing Ohio businesses with the most effective cost management tools available in the state.

Information Technolog

Sedgwick has the capability to create and customize reports based on unique requirements. They are able to provide their customers with 24-hour access to our systems and electronic workflows.

Comprehensive Services

Claims Administration

  • Proactive Claims Management
  • Team-Based Approach
  • Open Customer Communication

Risk Management Services

  • Group Rating
  • Retrospective Rating
  • Group Retrospective Rating
  • Safety Consultation
  • Deductible Program
  • Unemployment Program Management

Non-Legal Hearing Representation

  • Experienced Hearing Representatives
  • Effective Hearing Management

Chamber Benefits

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