Timeline of all Chamber Award Recipients.

  • The Athena & Zeus Award programs celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. The awards are given out at the Annual Meeting Dinner & Awards.
  • The Outstanding Citizens of the Year Award recognizes candidates who have demonstrated an active leadership role for the betterment of the community through involvement in business, civic, social, and/or service organizations. An award is given out to a male and female candidate at the Annual Meeting Dinner & Awards.
  • The Outstanding Customer Service Award honors businesses that demonstrate exceptional customer service. The award is given out the the Mid-Year Meeting.
  • The I Love BG Award recognizes individuals or organizations for the their efforts in increasing the visibility and promotion of the City and improving the quality of life for BG residents. The award is presented at the Mid-Year Meeting.
  • The Small Business of the Year Award honors business within BG City limits that demonstrate achievement in management and workplace excellence, product innovation, and community and social responsibility. The award is presented at the Mid-Year Meeting.

2019 Athena

2019 Athena

Tari Christoff was the 2019 Athena Award Recipient. She has been praised by her peers for many outstanding qualities, and throughout her career, has been a pivotal part of the professional development of the women in her community. She uses her intelligence, hard-work ethics, and passion for mentoring; resulting in influencing and changing the lives and careers of youth and her fellow professionals.

2019 Zeus

2019 Zeus

Francis Scruci was the 2019 Zeus Award Recipient. He is a Member of Kiwanis, Exchange Club and Rotary actively participating in the club’s events by helping with preparations and work that is needed for a successful event or fundraiser.  He is very involved in the Bowling Green Community; attending City Council meetings, Economic Development events and serves on several boards.

2018 I Love BG

2018 I Love BG

The Black Swamp Arts Festival was the recipient of the 2018 I Love BG Award.

2018 Outstanding Customer Service

2018 Outstanding Customer Service

Wood Haven Health Care was the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Customer Service Award.

2018 Small Business of the Year

2018 Small Business of the Year

Heritage Corner Health Care Campus was the recipient of the 2018 Small Business of the Year Award.

2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Dolores Black was the female recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award. She was recognized for her commitment to wellness for all and being a tireless advocate for equitable opportunity for all throughout her more than 60 years in the Bowling Green community.

2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Tim Harris was the male recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Citizen of the Year. He was recognized for his adherence to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in his job, and in volunteering his services to help others, especially needy children and persons with disabilities, doing it all without any desire for personal recognition or reward.

2018 Athena

2018 Athena

Janet Parks was the 2018 Athena Award recipient. She was recognized for her devotion to providing services that will improve the quality of life in her community. She plays a large role in the development of students, influencing and changing the lives and careers of the ones she has mentored. She has immersed herself in the BGSU community, dedicated to the well-being of the University. Her level of intelligence and hard work ethic has shaped her ability to not only be a guide for her students, but also a mentor and role model to other professionals she works

2018 Zeus

2018 Zeus

Jeff Orlowski was the recipient of the 2018 Zeus Award. He was recognized for supporting a culture that encourages a diverse workplace and believes in providing opportunities for leadership and growth.  The workforce he supports is predominately female based.  His role within the organization not only empowers women, but he sets examples of leadership in the community.

2018 Ambassador of the Year

2018 Ambassador of the Year

Jayson Hines was the recipient of the 2018 Ceremonial Ambassador Award.

2018 Ambassador of the Year

2018 Ambassador of the Year

Christina Stearns was the 2018 Welcoming Ambassador of the Year.

2017 I Love BG

2017 I Love BG

The Morning Show radio program was the recipient of the 2017 I Love BG Award. The show is hosted by DJs Clint Corpe and Larry Weiss.

2017 Outstanding Customer Service

2017 Outstanding Customer Service

Heritage Corner Health Care Campus was the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Customer Service Award.

2017 Small Business of the Year

2017 Small Business of the Year

Klotz Floral Design & Garden was the recipient of the 2017 Small Business of the Year Award.

2017 Outstanding Citizens

2017 Outstanding Citizens

Shirley Woessner was the female recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Citizen of the Year. She was recognized for her great passion to serve those less fortunate while at the same time remaining humble, and even determined to stay behind the scenes. Even when someone does not show up for their volunteer duty, she is always willing to step up and fill in. Her contagious smile and the twinkle in her eyes are caused by the generosity of the Bowling Green citizens. No matter what day, week, or time of the year it is, she is always working hard to make a difference in someone’s life.

2017 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

2017 Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Chet Marcin was the male recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Citizen of the Year. He was recognized as the type of person who makes a difference wherever he serves. He is a man with the utmost integrity and is willing to give of himself in any organization. He has been married for over 50 years and his support and loyalty to his family is highly commendable. He is a person who puts character, honesty, integrity, and loyalty at the top of his list when it comes to his work, his personal life, his family, his faith, and his friends.

2017 Athena

2017 Athena

Rebecca Ferguson was the recipient of the 2017 Athena Award in recognition of her demonstration of professional excellence, extraordinary community service, and active assistance to other women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills. She’s a served on the Wood County Hospital Foundation Board, Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and is a

2017 Zeus

2017 Zeus

Dan Craig was the recipient of the 2017 Zeus Award in recognition to help and encourage women with mentoring and leadership. He is very respectful and highly considerate to all women that he comes in contact with in the workplace and the community. And he personally contributes time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community. Some of his involvements and accomplishments include serving on the Four Corners Governing Board, the Bowling Green Community Development Foundation Board, and

2016 Athena

Judy Ennis

2016 Zeus

Ed Whipple

2016 I Love BG

Reverends Gary & Mary Jane Saunders

2016 Outstanding Customer Service

Animal Hospital at Westridge

2016 Small Business of the Year

The Oasis Restaurant & Delivery

2016 Outstanding Citizens

Barbara Sanchez and Bob Callecod

2015 Athena

Lori Tretter

2015 Zeus

Floyd Craft

2015 I Love BG

Pat and Sheila Crowley

2015 Outstanding Customer Service

The Oasis Restaurant & Delivery

2015 Small Business of the Year

Student Book Exchange

2015 Outstanding Citizens

Melissa Krieger and Gene Klotz

2014 Athena

Evelyn Bachman

2014 Zeus

Michael Penrod

2014 I Love BG

Tom Striggow

2014 Outstanding Customer Service

Ginny’s Inspired Fashions

2014 Small Business of the Year

Grounds For Thought

2014 Outstanding Citizens

Megan Newlove and Steve McEwen

2013 Athena

Shirlee Bostdorff

2013 Zeus

Michael Sibbersen

2013 I Love BG

Wendy Chambers

2013 Outstanding Customer Service

Main Street Ace Hardware

2013 Small Business of the Year

Evans Home Loans/Evans Insurance

2013 Outstanding Citizens

Jodi Anderson and Al Green

2012 Athena

Dr Ann McVey

2012 Zeus

Dick Newlove

2012 I Love BG

Work Leads to Independence (formerly Wood Lane)

2012 Outstanding Customer Service

Bowling Green Lincoln Auto Sales

2012 Small Business of the Year

Waddington Jewelers

2012 Outstanding Citizens

Rebecca Laabs and John Quinn

2011 Athena

Pamela Fahle

2011 Zeus

Stan Korducki

2011 I Love BG

Dave Horger

2011 Small Business of the Year

The Copy Shop, Inc.

2011 Outstanding Citizens

Carla Blinn and Bob Blinn

2010 Athena

Melanie Stretchbery

2010 Zeus

John Fawcett

2010 I Love BG

The Wicks Family

2010 Outstanding Citizens

Debra Manley and John Newlove

2009 Athena

Pamela Heringhaus

2009 I Love BG

Thom Headley

2009 Outstanding Citizens

Karen Seeliger and Doug Valentine

2008 Athena

Doris Herringshaw

2008 I Love BG

Joan Gordon

2008 Outstanding Citizens

Nadine Edwards and Richard Edwards

2007 Athena

Darlene Petkwitz

2007 I Love BG

Dr Richard Barker

2007 Outstanding Citizens

Mary Watt and Jack Whittaker

2006 Athena

Jane Quinn

2006 I Love BG

Andy Householder

2006 Outstanding Citizens

Linda Dobb and Matthew Reger

2005 Athena

Earlene Kilpatrick

2005 I Love BG

Home Depot

2005 Outstanding Citizens

Barbara Rothrock and Roger Anderson

2004 Athena

Kathy East

2004 I Love BG

Northwestern Ohio Tractor Pullers Association

2004 Outstanding Citizens

Cathleen Newlove Wenig and Jack Richie

2003 Athena

Lydia Newlove

2003 I Love BG

Wood County District Public Library

2003 Outstanding Citizens

Jan Larson and Paul Windisch

2002 Athena

Suzanne Clark

2002 I Love BG

Wood County Hospital

2002 Outstanding Citizens

Evelyn Bachman and Eric Myers

2001 Athena

Barb Ford

2001 I Love BG

Richard Gordley

2001 Outstanding Citizens

Galen Ash and Elaine Goodwin

2000 Athena

Debra Manley

2000 I Love BG

Wesley Hoffman

2000 Outstanding Citizens

Alvin Perkins and Diane Huffman

1999 Athena

Jan Knape

1999 Outstanding Citizens

Michael J Marsh and Suzanne Crawford

1998 Athena

Martha Woelke

1998 I Love BG

Mike Marsh

1998 Outstanding Citizens

Robert Spitler and Joyce Kepke

1997 Athena

Karen Seeliger

1997 I Love BG

BG Optimists Club

1997 Outstanding Citizens

Colleen Smith and Richard Powers

1996 Athena

Joan Callecod

1996 I Love BG

Scott McEwen

1996 Outstanding Citizens

Kay Sergent and Richard Newlove

1995 Athena

Becky Bhaer

1995 I Love BG

Gayl Pearson Dave Spengler Gary Adler

1995 Outstanding Citizens

Kenneth Harger and Dorothy Bryan

1994 Athena

Elaine Paulette

1994 I Love BG

Noon Kiwanis Club

1994 Outstanding Citizens

Maxine Miller and William T Culbertson

1993 Athena

Mary Beth Hammond

1993 I Love BG

Tim Harris

1993 Outstanding Citizens

Edwin Miller and Shirley Hilyard

1992 Athena

Diane Huffman

1992 I Love BG

Bill Culbertson

1992 Outstanding Citizens

Richard E Schmidt, Nanie Gamble, and Charles Bartlett

1991 Athena

Charlene Kerr

1991 I Love BG

Floyd Craft

1991 Outstanding Citizens

Thomas Stubbs

1990 Athena

Maxine Cross

1990 I Love BG

Tim Dunn

1990 Outstanding Citizens

Daniel Reddin III, Edward Reiter, and Norma Barr

1989 Athena

Lucille Overman

1989 I Love BG

Rotary Club

1989 Outstanding Citizens

Amy Togerson and Wesley K Hoffman

1988 Athena

Cathy Wenig

1988 I Love BG


1988 Outstanding Citizens

Lolita Guthrie and Francis Dahms

1987 Athena

Colleen Smith

1987 Outstanding Citizens

Patricia McGinnis and Albert Newlove

1986 Athena

Liz Bivins

1986 Outstanding Citizens

Lynn Long and Paul Jones

1985 Outstanding Citizens

Margaret Tucker and Sam Cooper

1984 Outstanding Citizens

Sheilah Fulton and Ashel Bryan

1983 Outstanding Citizens

Marilyn Singleton and Charles Barrell

1982 Outstanding Citizens

Lyle Fletcher and Beryl Parrish

1981 Outstanding Citizens

Marilyn Beattie and Bruce Bellard

1980 Outstanding Citizens

Ruth Putnam and Harry C Boileau

1979 Outstanding Citizens

Mavalene Day and William C Jordan

1978 Outstanding Citizens

Roy Klever and Virginia Nader

1977 Outstanding Citizens

Esther Hayhurst and Floyd Coller

1976 Outstanding Citizens

Annabelle Kinney and Alva W Bachman

1975 Outstanding Citizens

Arthur Sloan and Joan Gordon

1974 Outstanding Citizens

Ervin Kreischer

1973 Outstanding Citizens

Bertha Younkin and Donald King

1972 Outstanding Citizens

Franklin Skibbie

1971 Outstanding Citizens

Tillie Sloan and Harry Bavis

1970 Outstanding Citizens

Jack Armstrong

1969 Outstanding Citizens

Walter Hadley

1968 Outstanding Citizens

Helen Morris and Lorin Janzer

1967 Outstanding Citizens

Ernest Littleton

1966 Outstanding Citizens

John Parlette and Margaret Kohl

1965 Outstanding Citizens

Elon Priess

1964 Outstanding Citizens

Margaret Robson and Arch Conklin

1963 Outstanding Citizens

Helen Janzer and FV Boyle

1962 Outstanding Citizens

Walter Zaugg and Katherine Haswell

1961 Outstanding Citizens

Fred W Uhlman Sr and Grace Knepper

1960 Outstanding Citizens

Gilbert Cooke

1959 Outstanding Citizens

Larry Holley & Adeline Halleck

1958 Outstanding Citizens

Etta Richards

1957 Outstanding Citizens

Jim Staley & Gladys Cook