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Total Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2024

Things to consider to ensure the day is successful

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse will last approximately four minutes along most of the path--almost two minutes longer than the 2017 event.

In 2017, 12 million people lived within the path of totality, while millions more traveled into the path for the event. This time, 32 million people live within the path, which will run from southwest to northeast and encompasses Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo. Other cities such as San Antonio, Austin, Cincinnati, and Montreal, Canada, are just at the edge of the 120-mile wide totality path. With many millions more living within a few hours drive, next April's event may be one of the most watched celestial events in history.

You can understand the need to prepare for the event. What we cannot wrap our heads around is going to be the massive numbers of people coming into our community/area. Population is expected to double* and the demands on our City need to be evaluated for the best outcome.

*Jeff Klein, Emergency Management Agency, expects an even larger impact than doubling our population. They are estimating 260,000 people to come to Wood County, with BGSU being one of the most recognizable locations, making people comfortable with this being where they will head out to experience this once in a lifetime event.

Impact on Businesses

Will your business be open?

All businesses will be affected in some capacity, whether that is directly or indirectly. The committee looked at providing some items to consider in making the ultimate decision on whether or not to open that day. Consider making a plan as if you were planning for a Level 3 Snow Emergency

  • Will your employees be able to get to work or home through the traffic?
  • Will the parking at your building be consumed by those coming into town to see the eclipse?
  • Will customers or clients venture out that day to conduct business?

Businesses that we have heard will be closing:

  • Schools

Businesses changing their focus for the day:

  • The Wood County District Public Library will focus on hospitality to visitors to BG over the days before and after the eclipse, with a comfortable, clean environment for visitors with wi-fi, high-speed internet, and library services. They will pause programs, events, and story-times to help decrease crowd-size downtown, with parking focused on visitors to downtown shops and restaurants. The bookmobile will be off-the-road in the days before and after the event for routine maintenance. The library will be closed the day of the eclipse so that staff can be with family and friends during this very unique event

What will visitors need?

Delivery Logistics

It may be challenging for trucks to navigate traffic, causing delays in shipping. We will need to follow up with vendors delivering in the area in the months before the event to they are aware of the expected traffic congestion.

Not all vendors will be able to accommodate a significantly larger order or special additional deliveries. Those expecting increases like the Black Swamp Arts Festival, Soccer Challenge, and National Tractor Pulling Championships should advise their vendors in January or February of what their expectations are.

If lack of storage for extra supplies/goods is an issue, tracking down additional storage for the event could be an option.

Fuel trucks have limited capacities in both volume and availability. Additionally, companies selling fuel have an allocated amount that they can draw. If we feel that the fuel needs will be significantly high in the area, we will need to be sure additional capacities are acquired and prepared for.

Viewing Sites

As the eclipse draws closer, more businesses and organizations are planning viewing sites for the public to watch the eclipse. Below is the most current list we have of eclipse viewing sites (as of 9/1/23):

  • The Wood County Parks District is planning for a few different viewing sites in their parks. For more information, visit, or call at (419) 353-1897